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Welcome to the Vet Portal

Are you passionate about feeding your furry clients the healthiest food possible? Join our community of vets!

Who should
apply to become a
PawPots Ambassador!

You are a vet clinic

Passionate about feeding healthy

Want to be part of the trend

Believe fresh food is beneficial to pet health

Want to stand out from competitors

The Perks You Benefit From!

Lifetime Reward

As long as your furry patients stick with you, you'll keep earning rewards!

Customer Loyalty

Watch your furry patients transform into happy healthier versions of themselves

No Cost, No Space, Pure Convenience

Convenient direct PawPots Delivery!

Vet Portal:
All-in-One Platform

View earned commissions, customer count, and access referral tools right from the dashboard

Get insights into commissions, payments, and earnings

Access detailed pet profiles, including medical history and orders

Personalize customer care with specific vet assignments

Quickly access FAQs and up-to-date information

Connect directly with PawPots for support

How The Ambassador Progam Works

Make Your Vet Clinic A Better Place With PawPots

Real food is a whole, single-ingredient food. It is unprocessed, free of chemical additives, and rich in nutrients. In essence, it’s the type of food that pets ate exclusively for thousands of years.