How to Keep Your House Clean With Pets Around

If you have a pet, you probably already know that they can make messes. Some of it is unavoidable, especially at first when you are still housebreaking them. However, there are some quick routines you can establish to make sure your house stays clean when you have pets around.

1. Regularly clean your pets
Keeping your pets clean and dirt-free makes for an easier cleanup, because less dirt on them, means less dirt around your house. Even if it’s not time for their bath, you can use regular water, a wet cloth, or dry shampoo specifically made for cats or dogs.

2. Keep your pets groomed
Ensuring your pets are groomed and brushed makes it much easier to keep their hair from getting everywhere. Of course, shedding is a natural occurrence in most of our furry friends, but you can help with the amount of hair that is being shed.

3. Eliminate accident stains and odors right away
If your pet has had an accident around the house, make sure to clean it up right away by wiping the area clean, or blotting up any wet spots on carpets. You can use white vinegar and baking soda as a natural and pet-safe solution to odors and stains.

4. Wash their bed and toys often
Keeping your pet’s bedding, blankets, and toys clean is also an important part of keeping your house clean, and not to mention keeping them healthy. You can pop their bedding into the washing machine and use white vinegar as a stain and odor remover in the wash. Clean their toys in the washing machine or by hand with warm water and a natural-based soap, then air dry completely.

5. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner
As mentioned above, cats and dogs do shed, and some of them shed a lot. So, making sure you have the cleaning equipment to take this load on will help make your house cleaning adventures easier and quicker. A good vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and clean is the perfect addition to your cleaning routine.

6. Air your house often
Letting fresh air into the house is just as important as keeping the dirt out. You should regularly, even daily, open up your windows and air out your home. This will get rid of any smells that might have built up. Even just a few minutes of fresh air can make a huge difference.

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