How to Keep Your Pets Warm During Winter

With cooler weather still upon us, it’s important to know how to care for your pet and keep them warm. When temperatures drop, be sure to follow the below tips to keep your furry friend warm, safe, and healthy throughout the season.

  • Set up a warm space

Add a few blankets to your pet’s sleeping area and make sure it’s in a place that is away from drafts, windows, doors, and other chilly spots in the house.

  • Put a sweater on them

If you’re shivering, odds are your pet is also feeling the cold. You can put a sweater or jacket on them, and if you don’t have pet clothing, you can cut out a makeshift one from an old t-shirt or other item of your own clothing.

  • Warm up their food and water

Serving your pet warm fresh food and warm to room temperature water is the perfect way to avoid them feeling too cold come mealtime.

  • Take care of their paws

Make sure to inspect their paws for cracking. If you see any signs of pain or cracking, get in touch with your vet and consult about using paw balm.

  • Go for shorter walks

Walking outside in the cold weather can be chilly. Shorten your walks when the temperature drops, and get in other forms of exercise indoors.


We hope you keep these tips in mind every time you shiver from the cold! Your pet will thank you! 

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