New to Dog Parenting?
Here's Our Advise

If you’ve just welcomed your furry friend into your home, you might be wondering, “What do I now?”. Whether it’s making your pet feel at home, or knowing what to do with them now that they’re sharing your abode, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our advice for you, a new dog parent!

1. Stick with their diet

At least for the first few days, be sure to stick with your new dog’s original diet. Once they’re used to their new environment, you can start transitioning to new food slowly until they’ve grown accustomed to it.

2. Begin a routine

You can get your dog used to life with you by establishing a routine and sticking to it. For instance, feed them at the same time every day, and take them for regular walks. If they had a specific routine before coming to your home, it’s a good idea to gradually change their routine to match yours.

3. Make sure your house is safe

Dog-proof your home before your pet arrives by making sure toxins and detergents are put away, dangerous plants are removed, and outdoor access is safe for them. Similar to baby-proofing your home, dog-proofing your home is essential for your furry friend’s safety and wellbeing.

4. Be precise with your rules

Any house rules you wish to teach your dog should start from day 1 in their new home and continue on, with every person in the household following through. For instance, if your dog isn’t allowed on the bed, everyone should make sure they are consistently and firmly implementing that rule.

Welcoming your new dog into your home will be an exciting period that is full of ups and downs for both of you, but patience is key. Be sure to take it easy and give yourself and your dog time to adjust.

Good luck!

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