Here are some yummy human foods you can share with your dog without a doubt in mind.

As a human custom, sharing food is caring. When it comes to our pets, they probably think so too. How many times have you seen your dog looking at you with puppy eyes when you’re enjoying your breakfast, or begging at your feet when you’re welcoming people over for dinner? Some human foods are toxic and harmful to dogs, while others can be happily and healthily shared without any worries. Here are some yummy human foods you can share with your dog without a doubt in mind.



In moderation, Cashews can be a healthy snack for your pup. They contain antioxidants, calcium, and protein, along with magnesium, that add a healthy kick to your dog’s day.



Coconuts contain a virus fighting substance called lauric acid. Coconut can also help you’re your dog’s bad breath and skin issues.



Home-cooked corn, removed from the cob, is a healthy and vitamin-rich snack for your dog which is also one of the ingredients in most dog foods.



Protein-rich and delicious, cooked eggs are a healthy snack that can help with stomach issues your pet might be facing. Be sure the eggs are fully cooked before serving them to your pet.


Peanut Butter

Home-made or natural peanut butter is a dog favorite, and it’s filled with protein, healthy fats, and vitamins. Make sure the peanut butter you choose is natural and without added sugars, salts, and other substances.



If you’re enjoying a movie with your pet, sharing some popcorn isn’t a bad idea, given it’s unsalted, unbuttered, and shared in moderation.


These are just some of the human foods you can share with your dog. If you’re ever in doubt, make sure to get in touch with your vet before feeding your pet anything not on their typical menu. Keeping your pet healthy and happy is the main goal!

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